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Vastu for house hunting - How to select new Premises

Vastu for house hunting - How to select new Premises

House hunting is one of the most stressful tasks as you have to wander to buy the best premises. This is because you have to consider many factors like size, price, surrounding and other facilities. By noticing these problems people often forget to check the Vastu of the house which has a great impact on the future life.

Vastu guides you to purchase the good property that brings you happiness, prosperity and wealth. It makes you go for the premises that have good architecture as well as drives the positive vibes. Before buying any property learn Vastu Shastra online for getting the best ideas.

Location of the Property

The most important thing that has to be considered before buying the home or business place is location. Location took the major part in the house hunting. You can adjust the faults that are in the house but any imperfection in the location cannot be altered.

Hence you have to look through the location, surroundings, neighbor around the property. Also, check whether the place is away from traffic and other disturbances. Another important factor is to know about the distance of schools, public transport, shopping, and parks.

The Site

After analyzing the location, have a look at the site area and know where it is particularly located. Check the windows that have direct view to your neighbor home or not. View the yards as they are enough to your needs.

The neighborhood

Get into the property to analyze each and everything that is situated there. Then notice the roadways to drive on that area. Also, speak with the neighbors to know about the property and that place is best or not.

The Entrance

 While buying a property you should look at the entrance. The entrance should not be in the South or West direction as infrared rays will pass through it and harms your health. So you have to prefer the north or northeast entrance with a lot of space around it.

Toilets and Bathrooms

Toilet and bathrooms should be built in the south or south-west direction. This is because when air flows through the window it will contaminate the rooms.

The Bedroom

A bedroom must be in the southwest corner in order to have peace and sound sleep. Then you can select the bedrooms which have a rectangle or square shaped.

And your kids' room must be placed in the northeast or northwest region so that they can have enough light and air ventilation.

The Kitchen

For the kitchen, Southeast zone is the best direction and it should not have its door in front of the main door. You can take free Vastu course and find the best premise for you.

Storage area

The old model home doesn’t have much space for storage but they have closets. If you want to keep many materials like sports equipment, unused things etc, you can go for the new home as it has a lot of storage area.

Thus, these are the ways to select new premises while going for house hunting. You can learn Vastu Shastra free online and know about the Vastu benefits.