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Relationship Checkup – Why sometimes love works & sometimes not?

Relationship Checkup – Why sometimes love works & sometimes not?

Nowadays, a huge number of love and relationship affairs are increased as both men and women have equal rights to make their life decision on their own.  Love is the natural character of a human being and everyone will feel the love in their life.

The true love arises based on trust and if you have this trust you never fail in your love life. But when you have fear, mistrust, possessive nature, and attitude it would spoil your relationship.

Many relations are continued and broken in the middle of their life due to many reasons.  When you learn Vedic astrology course you can understand some factors that cause these relationship failure problems.

Love relationship according to various houses

According to the astrology, there are some certain yoga’s which makes people fall in love. The problems that are occurred in love are determined through the 5th house with the use of Kundali. You may fall in love when you are under the control of Dasha which is placed in the fifth house.

When you take the online Vedic astrology course you come to know about the fact that marriage is predicted by examining the seventh house. If Dasha lord is situated in the ninth house it will lead to the love affair.

The relationship based on the placement of planets

In astrology, mercury is known as the Karak planet which means intelligence. During the placement of Dasha in the Mercury then there is a great chance to fall in love. This is because Dasha of Rahu is the main catalyst for love to begin it.

But the love that began in Dasha of Rahu will not last for a long time as it doesn’t know right and wrong things. As most of the love begins in the Dasha of Mercury,

Venus, Moon, and Rahu it makes a person become restless in both mind and heart. You can utilize the free Vedic astrology to understand the placements of planets.

Reason for why love relationship not ending in marriages

Kundali’s seventh place is referred to as the house of marriage. When the seventh house doesn’t have a relationship with the ascendant of the fifth and ninth house it doesn’t convert love into a marriage. The presence of the fifth house in the ninth house is the main reason for the failure of love marriage.

Reason for separation in love relationships

The presence of Kundali in the sixth house will cause the violence. When Dasha is in the eight houses your love will come to an end.  Also, you will be restless when the Dasha of Saturn placed as it even makes you react differently to love.

Reason for more than one relationship

If Venus is weak in the Kundali then you will have more than one love in your life. The relationship between Venus and Saturn at the sixth or twelfth house then the possibility of more than one love becomes strong.

Thus, these are the reasons for the relationship problem in your life. You can learn Indian astrology online to know more about these problems.