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Planetary positions in 2019

Planetary positions in 2019

A well being of 2019 depends on o the various positions that the planets are at. Their movement takes a great change in astrology, there are various changes and predictions are made based on them. It also predicts how planets are and it also gives solutions in case of any mishaps. If you wish to explore more about the astrology, there are lots of online sites available like free Indian astrology


It gives the capacity to look at sentimental issues since it is having a transit to Scorpio from January 1, 2019, to January 1, 2020. It will help you to avoid games, drama and some other issues. Since it is a planet for financial responsibility it makes you financially comfortable.


It is the planet for action, initiative, and sexuality. It enters Pisces on January 1, 2019, and remains till January 1, 2020. This year Pisces may face difficulties in decision making and overwhelm by circumstances. But focus on emotions and feeling that makes you favored. It gives a good time for health for you and your loved ones.


It transits Sagittarius from November 2018 till January 1, 2020, and enters Capricorn. It is considered to be the planet for social life and related to communication and environmental integration. It is Cupid for Air Zodiac signs.


It continues to transit Capricorn till December 17, 2020. Saturn being in Capricorn is highly powerful and highlights the characters of Capricorn. This is considered rather positive or negative; it gives positive and also a few mishaps as well.


Uranus is well known for breaking barriers, that also has adverse consequences. During the first half of the year, it makes the zodiac signs to faces some challenges in workplaces. It retrogrades in Aries on January 1, this brings a major change with some emotional or health issues.  


Neptune is the planet that encourages the desire to dream, makes ambitious in beautiful creations. Every time when Neptune enters a retrograde motion, It gives the opportunity to get understanding and clarity in indecipherable things.


Pluto, the slowest and heaviest planet is having its transit n Capricorn from 2008 till 2024. In 2019, Pluto turns retrograde from April 24 and October 3. Pluto serves as a stronger catalyzer for profound transformations, big ambitions, power, hidden recourses, regeneration, reconstruction, rebirth and also death. It is the planet that is most recently discovered in the year 1930, so it not well analyzed. Pluto has the ability to destroy things like lacking quality, authenticity etc. If anything is changed during this time it is harder to break in the future.

These are the predictions of astrology and true in lives of most of the people. They carry a lot of benefits if these are predicted well in advance. Do you question yourself about “How to become an astrologer”? Or have an intense interest in astrology? You can learn Jyotish Shastra, astrology online through lots of courses that are available only. Make use of them for the well being of you and your family members.