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How West facing House gives Good Results

How West facing House gives Good Results

The people who have knowledge about the Vastu Shastra may know that the main entrance of the house is the great way to take in the main energy.

While buying the homes, you should prefer the house which has the entrance in the west direction. This is because West direction has the both active and enjoyment energy.

When you follow the Vastu tips for your home you can have the favorable conditions in your life. You don’t want to worry about the negatives as your house is faced in the west direction.

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Reason for the Good Results of West Facing Homes

The west faced homes are best for the people living in the home as they obtain more positive energies than other direction. According to the Vastu terms, houses which face towards the West direction are best for you and your family.

This is because the west direction has 270 degrees based according to the directional compass. It is believed that this direction is influenced by the Lord Varuna Dev who is called as the lord of Rains.

As the Lord Varuna holds a serpent in the right hand and a rope in the left hand, it is assumed that they both are attachment or Love. Hence, the west direction is considered the best to have a strong bond with family and friends.

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Good results of West faced Home

  • People believe that west faced homes are best to obtain the prosperity and wealth in their life. This is proved that it gives you the best luck and success to the persons who are all living in it.
  • Vastu says that West facing homes are the best way to grab the good vibes and avoid the negative vibes from the house. Your western side floor must be larger than the eastern side floor in order to get all the prosperity.
  • It is believed that people who are all living in the west faced homes are having the nature of boldness and open thoughts. So it seems to be difficult to understand that person easily.
  • The owners or tenants living in the west direction house are considered for making the better decision as they have a more practical approach.
  • The houses which are built towards the West direction are perfect for professionals like teachers, religious priests, corporate, and politicians.
  • Also, these homes are good for getting succeeded in the career and business. This is the right direction for your kids as they improve the concentration level.
  • West direction entrance homes are helpful for maintaining the relationships within your family. In addition, there will not be domination among them and like to live in freedom. They may have a positive bonding with the dear ones.

Thus, these are the good results of West facing homes. Anyone can learn Vastu Shastra to follow the Vastu terms in their real life.