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Eliminate the Negativity from Your House through Vastu Shastra

Eliminate the Negativity from Your House through Vastu Shastra

In this World, there are two things exist that are positive energy and negative energy. Likewise, each house is surrounded by these both energies. In order to have the positivity in your home, you should discard the negative from there.

This general concept is explained in the ancient practice of Vastu Shastra which has been used for centuries in Indian homes.

Vastu Shastra is especially followed while constructing a building in such a way to welcome positive energy like happiness, prosperity, success etc. you can also learn Vastu Shastra as it helps you to understand the basic concepts.

How can you remove the Negative energy from your home?

Keep the entrance clean

The main entrance is the first way to welcome the positive energy into your home. So you must keep that area clean and neat.

There should not be shoe rack or any dirty things as it disrupts the good energy. The main wall which is visible in the entrance should be decorated well with any good images or designs.

Open up the Windows to have fresh air

The fresh air that enters through the window will help you to have the freshness and also improves the flow of positive energy.

At least you should keep them open for some time in a day. You can keep the windows in North East and North West as air has to enter from that directions.

Place the furniture away from home

Heavy furniture items like TV, cupboard, sofa have to be removed from the main door or entrance and kept aside.

Keep your home clean

You should have the habit of keeping your home clean. It is better to remove the things that are not useful for you. A clean place is best to attract positive energy. If you learn Vastu Shastra online you come to know about these things clearly.

Keep a plant in your living room

A living room is the heart of every house and everyone will stay there for many hours. So it should have positive energies to have relaxation and comfort. When you place a decoration plant neat the room it helps to attract the positive energy.

Keep the bathroom doors closed

As toilets are related to negative energy it should be kept closed when they are not in use. You can keep a palm or money plant near the bathroom to absorb the negative energy.

Throw away the broken things

 The furniture, glass items or vessels that are broken should be thrown away from the house as it attracts the negative energy.

Repair the leakages in water pipes

According to Vastu Shastra water is considered as wealth so it should not be wasted. Due to this reason, you should repair the leakage of water to protect your wealth in your life.

Have the clocks in working condition

As per Vastu clock represents the prosperity of home so it should be kept in the north or east direction. Make sure that clock works well and shows the right time.

Thus, these are the best ways to remove the negative energy from home through Vastu Shastra. If you wish you can benefit from free online Vastu Course and make your home as the best one.