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Effects of having a kitchen in the wrong direction

Effects of having a kitchen in the wrong direction

In a home, the direction of the kitchen plays a major role in the importance of Vastu. As per Vastu Shastra terms, a kitchen is the root cause of all problems that arise in your home. The misplacement of Kitchen or Gas stove can lead to many difficulties between the families.

Vastu recommends the people to have a kitchen and prepare the food in the right direction to avoid the complications.

This means that when you prepare food in the wrong direction it will eliminate all the positive energies that are in the home. You can get the best kitchen Vastu tips in the best astrology sites.

Effects of an inappropriate position of Kitchen

  • The main effect of the imperfect kitchen direction is that it will create many problems between male and female and even avoids the entry of male member in the family.
  • Preparing food in the wrong direction of the kitchen will remove the positive things from food, so family members will suffer from fever, hypertension, and diabetes etc.
  • Women will face health issues like leg or knee problem, back pain, stomach problem, and stress. In order to avoid these effects take free online Vastu course and make the changes in your home.
  • The position of the kitchen above or below the bedroom or toilet is considered as the utter defects of Vastu. Also keeping the kitchen sink below the prayer room is bad as it leads to loss of wealth.
  • When you place the gas stove (a fire material) and water source (water element) in the combined manner it often leads to quarrels among the family members. So it is advised to keep the water and fire materials at a certain distance. 
  • Instead of placing the gas stove in the wrong direction, you can place the kitchen in North-west zone and gas stove towards East.
  • The toilet and kitchen should not have the common wall as they give cause illness of health. Kitchens that are placed in the north or northeast direction will affect your career severely.
  • If you have a kitchen in the North East direction this will make to be shameless, you tend to lose faith in God, and you won’t respect the elders. This also blocks the luxuries, happiness, and peace from your home. Male member will suffer from mental disorders which results in fights and personal problems.
  • The north side positioned kitchen will give you the financial loss, monetary problems, loss of stability in mind etc.
  • Kitchens in the North West direction is very dangerous as there are many chances to fire, blast of cylinders, gas leakage and electricity problems. Young people will have the relationship problems and the newlywed couple will face the conceiving problem. In short, females will suffer more with the position of the kitchen in this direction.

Thus, these are the effects of having a kitchen in the wrong direction. Learn Vastu Shastra online and place your kitchen in the right direction.