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Astrology for 2019

Astrology for 2019

Want to know how 2019 is going to affect you and your life? Astrology for bingers, it is something that can predict what may happen. This can be predicted from the zodiac sign of yours. It is good to know the prediction the things that may take place much earlier so that you can be safer and prevent any mishaps. There are also other online Vedic astrology courses that help you to be expertise in astrology.


The ruling planet is Mars; it remains from July 12 to October 22. Avoid making important decisions. Jupiter supports from March 30 to April 22 and from November 5 to the end of the year. You will lead as you wish.


According to your sign, Saturn resides in the eight houses so being careful about your health is very important. You will receive desired outcomes in the workplace. Since the ruling planet Venus transit in 11th house on April 16 and continuous till may 10 this bring happiness, comfort, and luxury to life.


Married people may experience a kind of stress in marriage life due to the Saturn transit in your 7th place. This will get solved after March 30th. While unmarried will get marriage proposals and get a partnership in a business that may benefit you. There will be health benefits will minor health issues occasionally.


You will be succeeded in the competitive exams due to the Saturn transit in 6th house. You may take part in social activities. January 1 to March 30 will give you happiness and all you think will work out positively from April 22 to November 5. Students will excel in studies and couples may have babies.


It is the time to get name and fame in the society and go for higher studies since Sun enters into Aries on 14th April. It is good to stay away from arguments. You will have good health conditions this year. You will work harder to become successful in a career. You may choose a new workplace.


You may get good news in the mid of 30th March to 22nd April. It offers you time to own a house; return to the home country if you are staying in the foreign country after November 5. Get promotions in a career. There can be ups and downs in the health condition.


You can expect any auspicious function at home and that brings happiness to the family. You should not perform any holy works from July 9th to September 19. Avoid oily foods from January to March and April to November since it may lead to some health issues. You will get good outcomes in the workplace.


There are chances to succeed in matters relating courts or judiciary because of Mars entering into Aries on 6th February. When Mars enters the 10th house on 9 August there are chances to be promotions or even there are possibilities to go abroad for a job.


You may experience anxiety and stress or worry about your health conditions. Be careful when you are driving. You may face certain ups and down in the career. On working hard you will be promoted and avail salary hike. You will have a favorable financial situation.


It may affect health and make expenses for it and may affect you mentally and financially. Foreign support will give profit and religious deeds. You will feel energetic from April to September. The economic condition will face ups and downs.


You will receive a long time benefit; your future will be successful. If you wish to have babies you may have good news regarding that. Do not break love on your dear ones during this period.


Have enough sleep, be relaxed and do meditations to keep the mind stable. You may face some harder financial situations, so be careful when you face them.

These are various astrology videos that speak about them and guide you for the well being of 2019.